Automated Trading Systems in 2023.

Automated Trading Systems : The Advantage and Disadvantages.

What Is an Automated Trading System?

Automated Trading Systems, automated trading,
algorithmic trading

Mechanical trading systems, algorithmic trading systems, automated trading systems, or system trading are automated trading systems that allow traders to program trading rules that can be automatically executed by a computer.

Investors and traders can automate their trading systems so that computers execute and monitor their trades based on precise entry, exit, and money management rules. Trades are automatically placed once certain criteria are met, which is one of the biggest benefits of strategy automation.

In addition to simple conditions, such as a moving average crossover, trade entry and exit rules can be complex strategies that require a comprehensive understanding of a particular trading platform’s programming language. Alternatively, a qualified programmer can provide them.

What is automated trading?

A programmed that automates trade entry and exit is a method for participants in financial markets to participate in financial markets. As a trader, you will use a combination of thoroughly analyzing technical trends and establishing the parameters for your positions, such as the order to open, the trailing stop, and the guaranteed stop.

It is possible to execute a number of trades with the help of automated trading systems, which comes with the added benefit of removing the emotion from the process of making the purchase or sale of a security.

As a result, you will not have to worry about all the rules of the trade as they are already included in the parameters you set. A few algorithms even allow you to follow trends, according to your predetermined strategies, and to trade accordingly in accordance with those trends.

The Establishment of Trading “Rules”

Users can build a set of trading rules using “wizards” that are available on some trading platforms. These wizards allow selections from a list of commonly available technical indicators. A user could, for example, set up a five-minute chart of a particular trading instrument to enter a long position as soon as the 50-day moving average crosses over the 200-day moving average.

Furthermore, users can specify the type of order (for example, market or limit) and when they want to execute the trade (for example, at the close of the bar or at the start of the next bar) or use the platform’s default settings.

Traders often develop their own indicators and strategies, however. It is common for them to work closely with the programmer on the development of the system. It may take more effort than using the platform’s wizard, but it can provide a higher level of flexibility, and it often yields better results. No investment strategy can guarantee success in the trading world, just like anything else in life.

Automated systems have several Advantages.

Automated Trading Systems, automated trading,
algorithmic trading

A computer can monitor and execute trades on the markets, which has many advantages, such as:

Minimizing Emotions

A trading system that automates the process minimizes emotions throughout. Sticking with a plan is typically easier when emotions are in check.

Once trade rules are met, trade orders will be automatically executed, so traders won’t have to worry about hesitating or questioning their trade. Trading with automation not only helps those who are fearful of “pulling the trigger,” but it also curbs overtrades who buy and sell at every opportunity that arises.


To determine the viability of an idea, back testing is applied to historical market data. A trading system must have absolute rules without any room for interpretation. You have to tell the computer exactly what to do so it can’t make guesses. In order to test these precise rules before risking money, traders can use historical data.

By carefully back testing a trading idea, traders can evaluate and refine the concept, and determine the system’s expectancy – which indicates how much a trader can expect to win (or lose) for each unit of risk.

Improving Order Entry Speed.

As soon as trade criteria are met, automated systems can generate orders based on real-time market conditions. If you enter or exit a trade a few seconds earlier, the outcome of the trade can be greatly improved.

In addition to protective stop losses and profit targets, all other orders are automatically generated once a position is entered. In a volatile market, orders can be entered before a trade reaches the target profit or blows past a stop-loss level, which can be completely demoralizing. This is prevented by automated trading systems.

Automated systems have some drawbacks Also

Mechanical Failures

A theory behind automated trading makes it seem simple: Programming the rules, setting up the software, and watching it trade. Despite its sophistication, automated trading is not impervious to risk. It is possible for a trade order to reside on a computer rather than a server, depending on the trading platform.

The consequence of this is that an order might not be sent to the market if the internet connection fails. Furthermore, a discrepancy could occur between “theoretical trades” generated by the strategy and the actual trades generated by the order entry platform. In general, traders should start with small trade sizes while they become more comfortable with automated trading systems, and they should expect a learning curve.


Back testing techniques are not specific to automated trading systems, but they can be used by traders to create systems that look great on paper but perform horribly in practice. A trading plan that is overoptimized is unreliable in live trading due to excessive curve-fitting. If a strategy was tweaked to achieve exceptional results on historical data, for instance, it can achieve outstanding results.

Server-Based Automation.

A server-based trading platform is an option for traders who want to run automated trading systems. It is quite common that server-based platforms offer traders the opportunity to design and host their own systems or they can choose to host existing systems that are available. In exchange for a fee, you are able to scan for, execute and monitor trades using the automated trading system, with all orders residing on the server for easy monitoring.

As a result, the order entry process is often faster and more reliable as a result.

Automated trading platforms: what are they?

Automated Trading Systems, automated trading,
algorithmic trading

Depending on your trading preferences, you’ll use a different platform for automated trading. In addition to our automated trading options, IG offers several customization options.

Real-time streaming service ( ProRealTime )

You can easily create simple or complex trading strategies without any coding knowledge using assisted creation tools. A simple-to-use yet advanced back testing suite is available with ProRealTime for testing your system.

Designed to be suitable for both new and experienced traders, the platform features more than 100 indicators. Trading at least four times a month entitles you to it for free.


Build your own expert trading algorithms, create indicators, and place orders based on your own preferences. Moreover, you can use Expert Advisors (EAs) to find opportunities based on predefined parameters. Depending on the EA, you can be notified when a new opportunity arises or automatically open a position.


Creating advanced trading solutions from scratch is possible if you build your own platform. Coding algorithms from scratch is possible with this platform. With IG technology, your orders are filled to ensure you get the best execution possible. Market prices can be viewed in real time and in history, along with analyst sentiments and trader alerts. Watchlists can also be maintained.

How do I know if automated trading is right for me?

If you want a method of trading that works according to predefined parameters, automated trading may be right for you. A good way to avoid emotional trading is to use this method. If you’re looking for a low maintenance trading strategy based on advanced technology, automated trading might be the best solution for you.

Would it be possible for me to use an automated trading system?

In addition to ProRealTime, MetaTrader4 and APIs, IG offers you a variety of automated trading systems.

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